Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How is everyone beating the heat?????? I HAVE THE ANSWER FYI!!!!!

Personally I have been drinking high ph water to keep me hydrated and using my KAMAGON BALL which actually makes you sweat more, BUT!!!!  it makes my physique look SUPER COOL!!! (GET IT BEATING THE HEAT BECAUSE I LOOK COOL LOL .....)  BY THE WAY!!!!!  YOU CAN GET BOTH OF THESE PRODUCTS VERY EASILY RIGHT HERE ON THE WEBNIZZLE FOR SHIZZLE!!!

HOW YOU SAY???????   SIMPLE!!!!!

For high ph water or structured water just go to and browse our site or come into one of our convenient locations across the midwest or our Chamberlin's stores in florida, where you will find an excellent selection of Natural Food, Vitamins, and Supplements to help you on your fitness journey!!

For the KAMAGON BALL just go to and do some shopping!  DONT FORGET to add the Hollowpoint  discount which will give you 20% off you ENTIRE ORDER by entering promo code:  HP when you checkout!!!  get this product to day and you may look like me (see awesome picture below) in no time flat!!!

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